Wake Up & Be Thankful

This past Sunday I started (again) a practice of “Waking Up and Giving Thanks.”

I also posed the question to our Live @ 11:11 congregation: “How different would your days be if you chose to live a life of gratitude instead of grumbling?” I'm guilty. I grumble.

And so, I've began (again) waking up and thanking God for the gifts I have and trying to orient my day towards “Thanks-living.”

It’s a good discipline.  A simple spiritual practice. Counting your blessings. Counting them one by one. Looking for your wins. The good. Cup half full stuff.

Did you know? Looking for the good is a magical happy pill you swallow deep down into your soul. It’s quite difficult to be in a bad mood when you begin to ponder ALL the gifts you have to be thankful for. If there is breath in your lungs you have something to celebrate.

Consider this your personal invitation to join the Wake Up & Be Thankful Revolution. Waking Up Thankful is actually trending now! Check this hilarious video  released by Forest Hills Church that has gone viral.

When you make a list of all of the things that you are thankful for, it has a way of changing your entire perspective and radically increasing your chances of a happy day.

Here's how it works...

Right when your eyes pop open:
Before you mentally recite your never ending to-do list.
Before you brew a cup of coffee.
Before you (not intentionally) start an argument with your spouse.
Before you step on your scale.
Before you drag your kids out of bed for school.
Before you check: Facebook. Your bank account. Or your favorite GroupMe.
Before you go on a run. Hit the gym. Or get your yoga on.
Before you text your BFF.

Before you do anything: Bring to your mind at least three things you are thankful for on this day.

This simple practice truly is life transforming!

In contrast I can't believe how I was waking up to my grumbly to-do list: a Ruthless Task Master sucking my energy and stealing my joy. The last four days I have had to fight off this ingrained reflex: Before my feet hit the floor I was complaining to myself about how many things I have to do and how I can't possibly get it all done.

It has taken an intentional and concerted effort to stop that negative tape that was playing on auto. It's taking serious Mr. Miyagi focus to change my, "I have to do" list to a "I get to do" list. It's required an even larger, mammoth sized effort to not play the "Get to do" list immediately and just stop for a hot second. Take a deep breath. And name some things

This attitude of thankfulness is now flowing throughout my entire day. It's elevated my mood. It's created an upbeat background to build the days of my life upon. Sure, I have melt downs and grumbly thoughts, but not near as much as prior to this simple intentional practice.

The experts say it takes three weeks to start a habit, and then it takes another three weeks to solidify it. I'm going to attempt to practice "Being Thankful" for six weeks. Hopefully it will become a habit!

How about you join me?

Here's How: When you wake up tomorrow morning (and guess what there's something right there to be thankful for) name three specific things you are grateful for.
By the end of the week write down a minimum of five things in which you were thankful for during the week. Put it in your iPhone notes, get a cutesy Be Thankful Journal, start a Google Doc, post to Facebook (someone in our community is doing this and I LOVE IT!)

Voila! After the sixth week, I am banking on you and I being far happier than today. It's been proven that counting your "wins" will change your attitude which leads to gratefulness which leads to happiness which leads to a more productive and successful life. Let's do this!


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