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What I Do Know

Darkness looms heavy over our community. You can feel it like a thick shroud almost suffocating the life out of Gautier. It’s hard to see or even breathe when deep darkness like this permeates. In these desperate human spaces where the chaos and confusion of tragedy abound, it is only natural you may find yourself wrestling with the hard unanswerable questions. Questions like “Why?” Why did this happen to three beautiful young ladies, three shining stars of the Gautier community? With so much light and love to give. Such a bright future ahead~ and in an instant it all is snuffed out. If you look a little deeper and ponder a bit more you may even be asking “Where was God when this happened?” Or another way of saying it is “Why would God allow something like this to happen?” If you are looking for answers to tormenting questions that plague us…I freely admit I don't have any good answers. What I do have is a Biblical witness. And what I do know is the character of God is incorrupti

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