Walk By Faith

The word walk in the Bible often symbolizes the way we live, act, and conduct ourselves in a certain manner. It also nods to the belief that life is a journey, a movement back to the heart of God. Life is a pilgrimage, and we are sojourners traveling through this temporal life into an eternal abode. We are aliens in a foreign land inwardly groaning for home.

And so to Walk by Faith is to live in the confident expectation of things that are to come. To believe that better days are ahead. To look through your current circumstances, with Matrix like vision, to see yourself passing through the fiery trials of this world much like Jesus passed through the angry crowd that sought to harm him (Luke 4:28-30). To anticipate a great Homecoming-joining the Communion of Saints who have fought the good fight and now cheer us on.

To Walk by Faith is to live your life like you are more concerned with eternal things with lasting value and less consumed by temporal things that are fleeting. And, yet, often we are fixated on the temporal. We are driven by the things that are seen. Tangible. In plain sight. We live for wealth, power and possessions, a good seat at the table, for the charms that this world can give.

As followers of Christ we are called to look beyond this world with a deep conviction that believes to the bone there is a better place prepared for us. A home that is not of this world. A place free from Pain. Confusion. Broken Relations. Addictions. Stupid Tumors. Anxiety. Hustling for Love. A place where we are finally Free Indeed.

That all seems well and good until we find ourselves walking through a hellish nightmare that challenges our belief. 

How do you Walk by Faith when you are bent over in unimaginable suffering? 

There is a verse that I clinged to while in deep grief over the loss of my 12 year old son, Jeremy. Seven years later and it is still on my electronic signature:

Do not be afraid for I have redeemed you;
I have called you by name, you are mine.
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.
And through the rivers,
They shall not overwhelm you.
When you walk through the fire you shall not be burned.
The flame shall not consume you. For I am the Lord your God. 
                                                                                Isaiah 43:1-2

As I spend more and more time with sweet Sophia, Angel, Joshua and family they each bear a living witness to this promise of God. Angel & Joshua pour every ounce of their being into the care and comfort of Sophia, clearly empowered by a supernatural energy source. They are passing through a raging, seemingly impassable, river. Yet, God is with them. They are walking through a scorching fire that has the power to utterly destroy them, yet, they are not consumed. They continue day after day, moment by moment, breath by precious breath, lovingly caring for Sophia, trusting God, and Walking by Faith. Confident that even through the darkest valley, God is walking with them.

Angel, witnessing you continue to "Walk by Faith" is a magnificent display of what trusting in God--even in the darkest times--looks like. Thank you for sharing your heart and story in such a transparent and vulnerable way. We won't stop praying for Sophia, you, Joshua and family. #WalkByFaith I love you, MJ


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