Let's Go Fly a Kite

I had *almost* forgotten what it means to have a little one. The Ides of March blew through transforming "baby" Duke from our 11 year old little boy to a 12 year old young man. The same age Jesus was found blowing the minds of the wise ones in the temple. The same age our Jeremy was tragically whisked away to the other side. 12 is a Grand Canyon-esque leap . "Baby" Duke is now fully functioning: Capable of showering (or swimming, fishing or paddling) without my fear of him drowning, selecting his wardrobe (the Kid has style), whipping up a pb&j if necessary, wrestling with "why" all this has happened to our family, and of course making his way down any flight of stairs...

I'm having to relearn old routines
Digging deep. It is difficult to separate the grief exhaustion from the now I have a little person I'm responsible for exhaustion. It all gets twisted up and leaves me feeling like a ragged, used up mop. 

I'm dusting off my preschool psychological warfare skills.
"Yes, I realize you don't feel like eating breakfast. I really don't either. But breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And guess what? YOU get to choose what you would like to eat for breakfast! Would you like oatmeal, fruit & a granola bar, or cereal? It's YOUR choice. Pick one..."  BAM! The "choice" trick gets the little people every time...Breakfast is served!

And then there's the indoctrination of Breleigh into Kirby Life. She is proving to be a quick study. Bre loves swiffering! 

All in all, Breleigh is handling this insanely, difficult transition beautifully. Some sort of God infused bubble shelters her from the harsh reality of her circumstances: 

Her mother is incarcerated. 
           Her "DeDe" (insert real mom) is gone.
She's suddenly a Kirby. (God help her!) 

In childlike fashion, she embraces each day with eyes wide open expectancy. Her gusto and get up and GO is at full throttle!  I can only liken her attitude to a surprise Easter miracle. If only we all could harness the faith of a little child...

Breleigh is sleeping all the way through the night...Not in our bed. 
(Eddie has battle scars from wrestling 5 boop boop babies out of our bed, and I feel sure he was NOT prepared/willing to relive those "fun" times.)

No screaming. 
No tears. 
No drama. 
(There IS a God! And, Bonus Prize! My husband is not going to run away...yet!)

Of course, Chloe is having to adjust to a roommate. She was quite accustomed to her quiet sanctuary.

We are all having to adjust. 

Breleigh LOVES her new school. She is enveloped in love and care. The predictable, rhythmic routine is proving to be therapeutic for her. Each day I drop her off and pick her up she is grinning from ear to ear. The highlight of my day. 

Breleigh is being super brave and trying all sorts of NEW and marvelous things! Her first snow cone!  First onion ring! Didn't care much for her first shrimp...But, that's no biggie. She's enjoying walks around downtown OS and learning new tricks on the trampoline. I just found out she has never been to the library! SAY WHAT? So, a trip to check out library books is at the top of the To-Do list.  

Chloe Kirby Kite Pro Extraordinare.
Photo creds: Big Eddie 
Mom did manage some of these little extras like trips to the zoo, movie dates, and GattiTown fun. But, I'm realizing there are a LOT more unexplored little life lagniappes like snow cones, the library, boat rides, an upcoming trip to Gatlinburg, and if I had to bet we will get to witness her first kite experience. Putting that in my notes right now....

"Ask Breleigh if she has ever flown a kite. Up to the highest heights." 

 I'll keep you posted. 


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